Dear visitors

A way came to "Simulation Country GAPAN Gepponkoku". I am "Gotorin",the manager of this site.
I know only Japanese. Even if it has a letter except for Japanese, a sufficient answer can't be sent.
Japan is depression as before. I can't do the matter that it even has a credit card because I am poor.
Internet business, Internet shopping, and so on can't be done to think.
Approve it in advance.

 A link to my site is free.
The link of this website is to specify this URL only:"http://gepponkoku.nation.jp"
Please don't specify other URL,and please don't links directly material files.
 This banner is OK even if it links directly or it is copied
URL:"http://gepponkoku.nation.jp/sozai/banner.gif" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=40"

URL:"http://gepponkoku.nation.jp/sozai/banner6.gif" WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31"

Information for RPGMaker2000/2003/XP materials user

(Last update 2004.4.10)

 As for the materials here, money isn't needed. There is no duty to report before using these materials. Of course that is free if it can use for other use though these were made to turn RPGMaker. It is OK with these to remodel it as you like it and to use, too.

 It is OK even if it is distributed at the site where you own what only the material of the name "gh*.png" of the file remodeled. ("gh*.png" points at the material of character animetion in the page of 「3.人物」. ) The second distribution of "gh*.png" recognizes only a remodeled thing. Don't distribute it under the condition as it is. Moreover, it should be made free surely, and specify whether you used material with the URL of this site here. When these are distributed, a duty to report here is unnecessary.

 As for the material of the png file("gp*.png","gw*.png","gv*.png","gm*.png",and so on) except for that, distribution is prohibition by two and at all. Be sure to download from my site in case of use. Please don't do the second distribution of the materials. Even if download is done how many times, it doesn't have a charge.

 In case you distribute the work containing the experience version officially by the website etc. (it does not correspond to what is enjoyed only in relatives), please secondary distribution - Extract after specifying the authorities' site name and URL with thankfulness in a handling description (the so-called README file), and specify strict prohibition of use. About printing (inside of a staff roll) inside the main part of a work, it is free. A BBS and mail reporting is not required.
(2004.4.10 update)

 When it can't have these protected, the distribution service of the material may be stopped.

 It is free to introduce materials. Then, it is free that the sample screen of the game which materials were used for appears, too.

 I don't have technical knowledge about the picture. As for the picture, I am an amateur. Please use these freely if you can please someone by the picture which still I made.

 Japan is terrible depression now. I have neither work nor money now. I am very poor now. But, why do I distribute these materials free?  It is because it wants them used for the people all which they should be necessary.

 It isn't glad to all the people by some limitations' being in using them. Materials are not finished goods. The purpose of my making materials is to make a game by RPGMaker. Materials are not the parts of that. Therefore, though luckily evaluation is taken from many people, I don't want to entwine business to the materials of my site. Then, both work and money are the evidence that it is my present joy which these are glad at to many people and which it can never have used and which is living.
 I want a person in the world to use if it can have many people use materials. As for that benefit, it is glad, and cooperates.

Each other will work with the things which love the same RPGMaker from this as well.

               by Gotorin(ごとりん), "Simulation Country GAPAN Gepponkoku" webmaster
               Email: gepponkoku@hotmail.com